Sunday, 13 March 2016

WHATsapp_The_Face By: yogi

Tired of cutting your image from the top, bottom or from the sides because whatsapp don't allow big sized images to keep it as your display picture(DP)...
here is the solution for this... a self made software by a friend of mine "WHATsapp_The_Face" which will decrease the size of the original image without reducing/cutting the image and make it compatible, which can be set as your display picture easily...

follow the steps to install the software

step 1: download the software click here.
step 2: install the software.
step 3: select the image which you want to set as your DP.
step 4: wait while image is processing.
step 5: bow.. hear's the image, use this as your DP without any problem.

download software from here

NOTE: installation password: yogi